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All your personal results in one place

All our events are timed by Results Base. All past event results can be found on the Results Base website using a simple search function, or you can follow the links below.

If you set up a profile with Results Base (if you have entered one of our races then you have almost certainly already done this!) you will be able to collect all your personal results from any event, in one place. You are able to compare your performance over the years, and also print off a finisher certificate from any event (just click on your name in the results and there’s a link there to create a PDF certificate).

You can see the current (live) event results HERE – please note that these will only show for seven days after the event.


MK Winter Half Marathon

Cattle Creepy

Cattle Creep 10k

Chicks & Chaps Series: May 10, Jun 7

Chicks & Chaps Spring 5k, 10k, 15k, 21k

Cattle Creep Night Run


MK Winter Half Marathon (rescheduled to Feb 18 2018!)

Cattle Creep

Chicks & Chaps Chase Summer Series: May 11, Jun 9, Jul 13

Chicks & Chaps Chase Winter Series: Jan 29, Feb 19, Mar 19


MK Winter Half Marathon

Chicks Chase Series: Apr 20, May 19, Jun 16

Cattle Creep


MK Winter Half Marathon

Chicks Chase Series: Apr 08, May 06, Jun 10, Jul 08

Chaps Chase Series: Apr 15, May 13, Jun 17, Jul 15

Chicks & Chaps Chase

Cattle Creep


MK Winter Half Marathon

Codebreaker Sportive

Chicks Chase Series: May 08, Jun 05, Jul 10, Aug 14

Chicks & Chaps Chase

Cattle Creep

Tewkesbury Half Marathon and 10k